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Menopause Clinic, London

Menopause Clinic, London - who should attend?

The Menopause Clinic, London is dedicated to the provision of a world-class service to women during the menopausal transition including women who have developed premature ovarian insufficiency (premature menopause). Two specialists, Professor Isaac Manyonda and Mr Vikram Talaulikar, collaborate in this venture.

The Clinic is dedicated to the provision of care to women in the menopause transition who experience debilitating symptoms.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has recently published guidelines on the management of the menopause in which they encourage General Practitioners to offer HRT to more women. Therefore, many women needing HRT do not need specialist management such as that offered at the Clinic, but will receive entirely successful treatment from their GPs. However, there are women whose needs are such that they should be seen in a specialist / dedicated clinic such as the Menopause Clinic London. These include the following:
  • Women wishing to consider taking their HRT in the form of implants, where the GP may be unable to offer this service
  • Women whose menopausal symptoms have failed to respond to conventional HRT in the GP surgery
  • Women who may have contra-indications to conventional oestrogen therapy
  • Women wishing to explore the treatment of menopausal symptoms without oestrogen
  • Women with libido problems, not responding to oestrogen therapy
  • Women uncertain about the benefits and dangers of hormone replacement therapy
  • Women who wish to know more about premature menopause or surgical menopause or consider egg donation IVF (visit Premature Menopause Clinic London for more information)
  • Any peri-menopausal woman seeking information and advice on matters relating to the menopause or to well-woman assessment. This may include problems with anxiety, lack of confidence, concern over the aging process, lack of concentration, poor memory etc.

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Professor Isaac Manyonda

Mr Vikram Talaulikar

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