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RDPI Midlife Matters suite

Our comprehensive range of sessions can be run either face-to-face or remotely and tailored to your needs, if necessary. We also offer one-to-one coaching.

We have over a decade of experience working with people and organisations around menopause, male wellbeing and midlife. For organisations, it is vital to retain the talent and experience of people going through this phase of life.

As we approach the potentially most dynamic phase of our lives, our bodies go through some changes which can affect our overall wellbeing. To help navigate this exciting time, we have a selection of sessions:
  • Menopause demystified
  • Male wellbeing
  • Supporting people during midlife
  • Midlife matters for everyone
  • Menopause Café facilitator training
  • Thriving together at midlife
  • Embracing midlife
  • The "menopause mind"
  • Online courses
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